New Health and Wellness Books for Year 2020.

It’s not just enough to get up every morning, have fruits for breakfast and stick to some diet that you picked up on the internet. Being healthy isn’t just a matter of eating the nearest green matter you come across. That’s just a part of it.

Being healthy involves looking at a lot of aspects of your life, from your food to your exercise regimen, even to how you sleep and how many miles you walk. There’s so much that goes into it, it would literally need a book to help in understanding everything.

And that’s what several authors have done. They’ve come up with books to help guide you towards achieving the healthy living you’ve always dreamed of, but haven’t truly achieved. Here are some of the best title for the year 2020.

Body Love Every Day

This is an excellent book by an author and nutritionist you may very well be already aware of. Kelly Leveque has done it again. This is after her bestseller, Fab Four, which illustrates how to use four different nutrients, namely fiber, fat, protein and greens to help maintain a balanced diet for every type of individual preference.

This new book explores different meal plans based on four different archetypes of eaters that she has come up with. These archetypes cover a large majority of the known eaters and the meal plans that will help these archetypes achieve the healthiest versions of themselves possible.

In the FLO

Here is a book that has been specifically written to help women achieve their best form by tailoring a nutrition plan that takes into consideration one of the things that define a woman; the menstrual period.

During this cycle, the natural hormones of the body tend to take a toll, and with poor nutrition, it becomes difficult to handle issues such as PMS and other hormone related conditions.

This book is first and foremost, and educational tool to help women better understand their bodies. It is with this knowledge that they can then start to see where the problems are, and how to manage, or completely improve those issues. This process of bettering oneself according to the knowledge of the body has been referred to as “biohacking.”

This book is by none other that the reputed author on women’s health, Alisa Vitti.


Here is a very interesting book by the well renowned author, Ben Greenfield. If there’s one thing that the movie Lucy captured well, it’s the fact that every person would love to be limitless in their lives. The ability to immediately understand the most complex things, the ability to climb mountains like you had mountain goat genes running through you is something that everyone would be wowed by.

This is a book that takes an objective look at how to improve function through various spheres of your body; from upgrading your brain, to optimizing how well your body operates under different conditions. The entire aim of this is to achieve peak body and mind performance, as well as increase your longevity.