How to Train Yourself to Think and Feel More Positive

The title itself may have made you feel uncomfortable. You might be wondering, are we trying too hard to be happy and fulfilled? Are we putting too much pressure on ourselves? As simple as it may sound, it’s very difficult to discount the impact that actual positive thinking can have on your life. Just from positive thinking, it’s possible to reduce your chances of developing stress related illnesses such as high blood pressure, anxiety and even depression.
So how do you go about it? Here are a few times brought to you by Beecholme Adult Care in Surrey.
Start in the morning
Yes, your day will be determined by how you begin. If you start your day all grumpy, that’s the tone that will have been set for the day, and it'll be difficult to shake it off. If you however start it with a positive outlook, that’s how your day is going to be.
Even if you don’t feel like it, encourage yourself. You can talk to yourself and give yourself props, give yourself a pep talk.

Find the humour

Yes, it may break away from the gangster image you’ve created for yourself, but laughter really is the best medicine out there. Depending on the situation you are in, try and find the little situations where some little humour can be gleaned from. This is especially useful in the difficult situations.
Laughter eases tensions, and reduces levels of anxiety, depression and stress. It also helps improve coping mechanisms in difficult moments.

Hang around positive people

The saying that misery loves company is absolutely true. If you end up hanging around people who are as drab as grey skies, then that’s all your going to get. A good way to get yourself to think positive is to hang around people who are a proper ray of sunshine. Yes, they may be having their own issues, but that doesn’t stop them from shining their light to the whole world. The same way a sourpuss can ruin the mood in a room is the same way a ray of sunshine can make a whole room burst with joy. That’s how you start getting yourself to be a positive thinker. Aside from this, they can also help you achieve your goals. A sourpuss will be a wet blanket and smother you and your dreams, a sanguine will water your plans and help them grow.  

Identify your dark spots

No, not the ones that are adding some artistic interest to your skin, but those areas in your life where you can’t help but be negative. Identifying them is just the first step to dealing with them. If you have no idea where, or what these areas are, then you can employ the help of the people closest to you.
The help of your partner, or a work colleague can help you recognise which areas in your life are your dark spots. This could either be how you are at work and the various things that you have to go through in a day, or whether it’s at home where your inner cookie monster comes out to play.